‘Cloud’ – João Ferreira Gallery, 2003

‘Cloud’ found me working in a broad range of materials and media, including plastic mesh, wire, and even video. The accumulation of material and gesture that typically characterises my work, here engages the viewer’s senses in an evocative experience. Like a cloud, as the exhibition’s title implies, the work might suggest an interpretation, but at the same time may obscure a clear view.

Read Andrew Lamprecht’s review here.


Sieve - Polypropylene garden mesh, cable ties

Sieve 2003

Polypropylene garden mesh, cable ties

78 x 104 x 130cm


Installation view of ‘Cloud’, showing Sponge in the foreground and Sieve behind

Sponge 2003

Galvanised wire

223 x 357 x 4cm

Sponge (detail) - Galvanised wire

Sponge (detail)

Sponge (detail)

Sponge (detail)


I made this by winding clockwise and counter-clockwise springs from galvanised wire, weaving these into each other, and then weaving another pair of opposing springs perpendicularly through the first set.



Weft looped DVD, with footage sourced from Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer


Looped DVD, with footage sourced from Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer


Heel - brass

Heel 2003


16 x 2,5 x 4cm

This work appeared slightly incongruous, but I felt that after all the shifting and diaphonous works, I needed something solid and honest. The central section of the door handle was polished smooth and flat by hand.

All photos by Dave Southwood.