‘Phenomena’ – João Ferreira Gallery 2005

Phenomena’ was held at João Ferreira Gallery in 2005.

The work took as its starting point a variety of natural phenomena such as light, surface and structure. Simple iterations of regular forms and processes resulted in complex works evoking the rich, sensual nature of their sources. Ranging from cut paper to assembled acrylic constructions, the works were typically labour-intensive and visually dense, continuing my exploration of process, pattern and design.

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Installation view

‘Phenomena’ (installation view)

Froth - acrylic

Froth 2005


133 x 93 x 19cm

The work was made from signs reclaimed from a service station


Sieve - silkscreen, paper

Sieve 2004

Silkscreen, paper

188 x 105cm

Sieve (detail)


Plume - polypropylene

Plume 2005


206 x 190 x 7cm

This construction is made from polypropylene sheet material held together by tension and friction.

Wrinkle - polypropylene

Wrinkle 2005


63 x 32cm

Wrinkle was made by cutting, scoring and folding a thin sheet of polypropylene.

Peaks and Troughs - acrylic

Peaks and Troughs 2005


26 x 36 x 4cm

This is a scaled-down acrylic version of a large outdoor work at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town.


All photos by Dave Southwood