‘Scale’ – Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, 1999

Held at the Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, Cape Town, ‘Scale’ featured only three works and most of the materials were recovered and re-used from my previous show ‘Once, again’ at Coetzee’s other, smaller venue.

I had begun Kernel as a student in 1995 and worked on it periodically for four years. Fold was six months in the making, and aside from the smaller cable ties holding the larger ones together, the material was all collected on the streets of Cape Town.

Read a review by Sue Williamson here.

Cardinal 1999

Pins, polyurethane foam

Diameter 15cm

Apart from the small foam core, this work is made entirely of pins built up layer by layer.


Fold 1998

Cable ties

215 x 140 x 114cm


Kernel 1994 -1999

Plastic bottle sealing strips

Diameter 35cm


Photos by Dave Southwood, except Fold by Mike Hall.

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