‘Aggregate’ – Bank Gallery, 2008

Aggregate’ was held at Bank Gallery, Durban, in 2008, and was a small survey exhibition with just two new works, and served as a launch for my self-published book of the same name. Read a review here.

The two new pieces, Sift and Aggregate, responded to the saturated hues and balmy climate of KwaZulu-Natal. The former, a large woven screen-like work, functioned as a permeable barrier between exterior and interior in the manner of a brise-soleil, while Aggregate was made from aromatic camphor wood, the material I first used when learning to carve in nearby Pietermaritzburg.

Reef, made from hundreds of carefully incised and assembled polystyrene cups, was first shown in 2001, while Knurl is made from finely carved polystyrene punnets, and was initially shown in 2002.Weft, so far my sole venture into videography, was initially produced in Durban with the assistance of Greg Streak in 2003 and was re-made in 2007 with Brendon Bussy.

Installation view with Sift in foreground and Knurl behind

Installation view with Sift in foreground and Knurl behind


Sift in foreground with Aggregate visible behind

Installation view with Sift in foreground and Aggregate behind



Aggregate 2008

Camphor wood veneer

Aggregate showing its three layers of camphor wood veneer

Aggregate 2008 (detail)

Camphor wood veneer

Three layers of camphor wood veneer, cut through by hand.


Reef - polystyrene cups

Reef 2008 version

Polystyrene cups



Weft video, as re-produced by Brendon Bussy in 2007

Weft 2007

Looped DVD, produced by Brendon Bussy






Knurl 2002

Polystyrene punnets

Dimensions variable


Knurl (detail), showing the carved polystyrene surface

Knurl (detail)

All photos by Andrew Griffin.