‘Subtropicalia’ – Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town, 2009

Subtropicalia’ was held at Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town in November 2009

This body of work began with a short story I wrote about my childhood in Johannesburg in the 70s and 80s and the insatiable interest I had in surfing and skateboarding. I use this as a kind of template through which to view my work, which is characterised by pattern, process and the use of unconventional materials, often resulting in an interpretation which emphasizes its abstract concerns over any others. This device reveals my abiding interest in repetitive form, design, colour and material to be firmly rooted in memory and sensory experiences that I evoke in the abovementioned story.

The series of sculptures, two-dimensional pieces and a video work explore waveforms, symmetry and process in a variety of media across a range of scales. Read a review here.

Paul Edmunds - Foam

Foam 2009
Skateboard wheels, cable ties

24 x 50 x 4cm

Dallas Oberholzer of Indigo Skate Camp collected these for me.


Paul Edmunds - Sleeve


Paul Edmunds - Sleeve (detail)

Sleeve and (detail) 2008
Wetsuit fabric

210 x 310 x 310cm

Sleeve is made from re-used wetsuit fabric which I acquired from Mahala, an organisation which solicits donations of wetsuits for underprivileged kids, many of which are too large or unusable. I replaced these with good secondhand suits in appropriate sizes.



Paul Edmunds - Roll

Roll 2008

26 x 45 x 3cm

The elements of this work were modelled on an altered skateboard wheel, 3-D printed from a digital file, then moulded and cast in polyurethane.



Paul Edmunds - works on paper

This series of works was produced in the same way I made Sieve in 2005


Paul Edmunds - Pool (detail)

Pool (detail) 2008
Silkscreen on hand-cut Tyvek

59.5 x 84.5 x 5cm

Paul Edmunds - Slope

Slope 2008
Silkscreen on hand-cut Tyvek

84.5 x 59.5 x 5cm


Paul Edmunds - Trough

Trough 2008
Silkscreen on hand-cut Tyvek

59.5 x 84.5 x 5cm


Paul Edmunds - Period

Period 2007
Expanded polyethylene foam, hardware

Two sections, each approximately 140 x 140 x 90cm

These large objects are made from a series of hand-cut foam profiles laminated with hardware into rolling wave-like forms.


Paul Edmunds - Pitch

Pitch 2008
Acrylic, brass

66 x 55 x 6cm


Paul Edmunds - Ply

Ply 2008

Polypropylene, hardware

190 x 115 x 168cm


Paul Edmunds - Ply (detail)

Ply (detail) 2008


Ply is made from die-cut polypropylene elements assembled into a double-curved helix. The profile of each element is based on the profile of a longboard I made for myself in 2008



Paul Edmunds - installation weft

Weft (foreground)
Looped DVD, with original footage from Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer, produced by Brendon Bussy

This work was shown in its initial form, produced with Greg Streak in 2003 and in 2008 after Brendon Bussy re-produced it for me

All photographs by Mario Todeschini, courtesy of Stevenson Gallery