‘Braids’, WhatiftheWorld, 2016

‘Braids’ began with a suite of silkscreens where a repeated iteration of a simple motif gave rise to images which resemble ropes, braids or scaled surfaces. This led to a small body of work which explores such forms in diverse media, especially in terms of colour, pattern and material. The result is something rich in visual and tactile qualities, where reference is made as much to natural phenomena as to human-made artefacts. The works achieve their complexity by the accumulation and interweaving of simple elements, and the intervention of chance is as important as meticulous planning.

Braid 1 2016


Braid 2 2016


Braid 3 2016


Coils 2016

Skateboard wheels, brass, hardware

Squaretangle 2016


Parting 2016

PVC-insulated wire

Hoops 2016

Skateboard wheels, cable ties

Installation view, ‘Braids’